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Dear Reader:
This edition has a lot of interesting information about space (amongst other topics). Author Bill Bryson in his book A Really Short History of Nearly Everything said in his opening chapter “No matter how hard you try you will never be able to grasp just how tiny, how spatially unassuming, is a proton. It is just way too small.
In the same way, given the age of the universe, even an above-average human life is only about 650,000 hours. 
Your time here is short. Make an impact. You’re insignificant to point out at others. But important enough to leave a legacy.
Stay safe. Stay healthy.
PS: Next Week, Multiple $25 giveaways into your Bitcoin wallet. An easter egg hunt that has Amazon gift card as a prize, Life Lessons series announcement, a movie you must see, and some beautiful music and much more.

Get a US Mailing Address
Get a US Mailing Address
One of the most important aspects of starting a business from outside the United States is to have a US mailing address. Enter Vyking Ship (h/t Zahra Habib).
Vyking Ship is easy to use and offers 6-months of free dedicated storage for your parcels and letters. They ship locally and internationally and have an amazing setup to consolidate letters and parcels and ship them in one go.
You are instantly assigned a US mailing address. (Do take note, due to federal postal law, they cannot open your letters for scanning, etc.)
Once you’ve got a US address, the next thing is to get a genuine US telephone number. There are many paid options (always go with paid, it will serve you better in the long run). There is Google Voice, which is pretty simple to use. There is always Skype which you can get with Skype-In Number and there is from where you can get a mobile SIM. The good thing about is that it is month-to-month, with no long-term contracts.
After you have received your number, you can then download WhatsApp for Business and verify the number. Since text (SMS) is an issue, opt for a callback service for the verification code.
Do you use Photoshop products? Adobe Illustrator? Adobe Photoshop? etc. Can’t afford them and don’t want to install pirated software on your machine (and you shouldn’t)?
Here is an alternative that is 100% online and works brilliantly for most users (highly advanced users may face a stumbling block), but for most of us, this website will suffice. Best of all, it is 100% free.
Photopea - The 100% free Adobe Photoshop alternative
Photopea - The 100% free Adobe Photoshop alternative
Social Hashtag Printing for Instagram
Social Hashtag Printing for Instagram
Instagram can be made into a business. You just have to think slightly outside the box. One of the biggest social use of Instagram is the #hashtag printing business.
Let’s say you have an event, and you and other guests start taking pictures. The host reminds everyone that they include a hashtag like #FaisalNewsletterLaunch, so Instagram photos with these tags would automatically be printed at the photo booth on-site.
It is literally as simple as that.
Image Source: Wootclub
Image Source: Wootclub
There are plenty of companies offering the software and completely bundled solutions for it. Not only can you do this for social events, but invest in quality printers and photo framing services and people would love to get their Instagram photographs printed out and mailed to them.
Here are a few names you can click to check out more: WootClub, DSLRBooth, PhotoBoxx, Hashtag Printer Code, Social Print Studio, inkifi Instagram prints.
Hubble Deep Field Image
Hubble Deep Field Image
Space is fascinating, as it is void of any politics, religion, sect, nationalism, race, culture, etc. It is a nearly infinite vacuum of mystery and life, one that perhaps we will never truly grasp.
Ever wondered why we keep our quest to find water on other planets? I bet you never knew the answer. It has nothing to do with watering, or hydration or sunlight, or growth. But much to do with fusion. Learn about the Goldilocks conditions as highlighted in the lecture below by the Big History Project, which is now called the Big History School. Watch this fantastic video in a series of three must-see videos I would recommend for your precious time.
The history of our world in 18 minutes | David Christian
The other fascinating video is a longer one (about an hour’s worth), and is given at the legendary Royal Institution lecture hall, and will shatter your belief and understanding behind one of the most false tables known to man - the Periodic Table of Elements. Watch Dr. David Tong give a fascinating lecture on the science of very small.
Quantum Fields: The Real Building Blocks of the Universe - with David Tong
The Hubble Deep Field Image is arguably the most important image mankind has ever taken. On the 18th of December 1995 for 10 days the Hubble telescope pointed its lens to a very dark patch of the universe and what it found, changed our view of the space we live in - forever.
The 1995 Hubble photo that changed astronomy
“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” Dr. Carl Sagan
If you live long enough, you might know how to solve this one. I occur twice in eternity, and if you look closely, I’m always within sight, I’m pretty sure I am. What am I?
Answer at the end of this email.
Pakistan Truck Art
Pakistan Truck Art
Pakistan Truck Art is a unique art form that exists exclusively in Pakistan. Every imaginable truck or bus has some form of Pakistan truck art on it. Other countries have tried to copy but failed miserably. There is no denying it - it has its own identity. One of a kind. The truck art has been juxtaposed on luggage, plates, leather jackets, coasters, rugs, wallpaper, etc. One place I haven’t seen it is on a sticker or skins on mobile phones and related electronic devices.
If you haven’t seen the Robot Camo series of skins from dbrand, then you must check it out. Their doodle, sketch series is amazing.
dbrand - Robot Camo series
dbrand - Robot Camo series
The sticker-based approach is much cheaper to produce. It is die-cut using a stencil of the mobile phone in question. You simply paste the stickers and your phone is skinned.
dbrand - Robot Camo series
dbrand - Robot Camo series
The opportunity here is to take the same stencil of Pakistan truck art and make stickers like vinyl skins for mobile phones. There are plenty of OEMs in China who can ship you blanket phone cases for the most popular brands that can easily be silk-printed (4 colors) or be printed from 4, 5, or 6 colors film printing that can be applied on the cases.
This represents a fantastic market for not only iPhone and Android cases/skins, but the same for laptops, Apple laptops, iPads, mouse-pads, computer desk table mats, and even computer (desktop) skins. Bonus? the mouse!
Pakistan truck art is very vibrant, fun, fresh and always an eye-catcher. If you are blessed with an artistic side and have a some entrepreneurship genes in you, this might be a good avenue to look into. The world is your market.
Inspirational Quote
Inspirational Quote
Dual Axis Illusion
Star Wars Propaganda Posters For The Imperial Forces. If you ever were a fan of the dark side, then perhaps you can benefit from these propaganda posters!
Star Wars Propaganda Poster For The Imperial Forces
Star Wars Propaganda Poster For The Imperial Forces
Answer to Puzzle
The letter “t” 😃
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Faisal Khan
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