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Sanctum (by Faisal Khan) - Issue #8

Digital Sanctum
Dear Readers,
In this newsletter, I want to talk about few things. Mainly, the Economic Boom that is coming and Cryptocurrencies.
Eid Mubarak to those celebrating.
Any-hoo. Switching gears
Every day we inch closer to being a normal society.
The way things were, circa 2019. When summer was a thing. When travel was a thing. When meeting up for dinner was a thing.
As this slow process of getting everyone vaccinated proceeds ahead, those merry days will return for sure. If you personally know someone who is skeptical of getting vaccinated, it is your moral obligation to convince them. Loop in an expert if you have to, seek help, ask around, but for the love of life, get them vaccinated.
This is no time to be stubborn and blindly believe the BS that social media is known to falsely propagate.
State safe. Stay healthy. See you next week.
PS: A lot of people were complaining that the newsletter got cut-off (truncated) in Gmail. Unfortunately, Gmail has a limit as to how much ‘images’ you can put into a newsletter. Working on fixing that as we go along.

Post Pandemic: Economic Boom
Disappear For Six Months!
You read that right, but allow me to give you the backstory on why you should.
Ask around and people will tell you, they can’t wait to get out and travel. They can’t wait to mingle. People cannot wait to go to a restaurant, a concert, a bar, shopping, on vacation, to the museum, a friend’s house, the mall, etc.
All this implies one thing, that the post-pandemic economic boom is coming. We all differ on the timing, but it is coming. 2022 (mid) or by 2023 (fall).
We didn’t enter into this pandemic by being broken morally or financially by a world war or an economic depression.
We entered into the pandemic with pretty strong economies all around.
During the pandemic, we trod carefully. Cautiously, we improvised and adopted to do business in these harsh conditions - as best as we could do. We’ve all had to struggle. Some more than others.
Now as the world is slowly administering the vaccines and large swaths of the population would be vaccinated by the summer of 2022, what does this mean for you and me?
Well, few things for sure:
  • If you’re reading this newsletter, by the summer of 2022 you would have been vaccinated.
  • You have the capacity to contribute to the economy in a net positive way (shop, dine out, travel, get employed, employ people, manufacture more products or offer more services, etc.)
  • Things will start looking good for many countries when their economies start firing on all cylinders. Especially for manufacturing and tourism-dependent economies.
  • Online will be here to stay. The DNA of the working fabric of home-office life has changed permanently. Work-from-home will continue.
The good days are around the corner.
Questions to ask yourself…
  1. How will you personally benefit from the economic boom?
  2. Have you retooled or reeducated yourself to take advantage of this boom cycle that is coming?
  3. During the pandemic, did you invest in yourself? Try learning a new trait? or upgrading or polishing your skills set?
  4. Did you think about updating your skills or learning a new skill but never got around to it?
This is where you disappear for 6-months comes in.
There is a bit of time left to take advantage of this period before things get back to normal. In six months, you can seriously learn a new skill.
  • Forget your friends
  • Forget the social gatherings
  • Forget binge-watching TV series
  • Forget TikTok
  • Forget endless scrolling on Facebook
  • Forget Instagram
  • Forget playing video games
  • Forget day-dreaming
  • Forget that you have a life for 6-months.
Nothing is easy. You have to sacrifice and commit to it. If you can commit a few hours every day, you will come out at the end of the 6-months a winner. I mean a serious fucking winner!
How do I know? I did it (one day I will tell you the full story). I did it for more than a year, learning a completely new skill. Let me tell you the brutal truth, no one will miss you. They just move on. These distractions are temporary. They do not pay the bills. The hard work you will put in for 6 months will, however. Every day, you get to cross out one day and move closer to your goal.
Every. Single. Day.
Take it from someone who has been down in the pits. 6 months can change your life. If you know it can, why would you still not be convinced and do something about it?
Can't Read Books Anymore?
Book Reading
Book Reading
It is no hidden secret. As social media has become a part of us, we have diminished in our capacity to read books. Heck, we diminished in our capacity to read long articles, let alone books. We’ve somehow been reprogrammed for a short attention span when it comes to reading.
I’ll be the first one to admit, that I used to love reading books. However, during the last decade, not only did I slow down, I went from a decent number to literally zero books a year. I tried everything to change it - but I just could not reprogram myself to read again. Don’t get me wrong, I read a lot. Just not books.
Then I came across this:
If you read only 20 or so pages a day, you would have read 30 books a year.
And that is exactly what I started doing. It was just the catalyst I needed.
I’ve been reading 20-25 pages a day, and it has been about 15 or so days. Already finished two books, and as I type this am just about to start the 3rd one.
It was mildly difficult at first, but then now I look forward to my 20-25 minutes of peace while reading.
I’m not sure if this hack with work for you, but it certainly is doing miracles for me. 20-25 pages and you’re golden.
The Crypto Euphoria - How to get in the game?
Image Credit:
Image Credit:
TL;DR: Invest in crypto. Not too much. And if it all goes to zero, be prepared to bear that loss (if it happens).
I’m not going to give you a formal disclaimer, that what I write below is not and should not be considered financial advice. You ought to know better. It is not.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard about the bull run that cryptocurrency is experiencing these days. A lot of folks are now scrambling to get their money on exchanges like Binance (or Coinbase) so that they can buy crypto. Chances are your kids, siblings, partner, nephew, cousin, etc. have been talking to you about crypto 24/7 now.
I think you should invest in crypto, but let us face the brutal truth. You’re no trader. In fact, you are probably really bad at day trading or trading in general. With the latter I mean, you are most likely a punter or a speculator when it comes to trading. You don’t know the technical fundamentals, you invest in rumor consensus picks, and the truth is, in a bull run, even a monkey can make money.
However, you will be drawn towards promises of doubling or tripling your wealth. The magnetic charm of 10x or 20x returns on $1,000 invested. Don’t be lured by such silliness. Even most astute traders (and I know plenty), boast a lot, but very few are able to execute 10x or 20x trades in the short term.
If you want to get started, you need to start slow. Why? because as with the bull run, there is going to be a time when this market crashes and resets. It might be a couple of months, or a year or two before the market picks up pace again. It cyclical in nature and it happens all the time. Have no doubt, the days of this bull run are numbered, and that too will end sometime in 2021.
If you are going to invest, this late, then be very cognizant that the market is also bound to correct and you might find yourself holding to a token/coin that is much lower than your purchase price, and in some cases, with altcoins, you may find out, you’re holding on to something that is essentially worthless. Zero.
My advice? Stick to the basics. The trusted ones. BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), ADA (Cardano), XRP (Ripple), Dot (Polkadot), Link (Chainlink), Matic, 1Inch, Bake (Bakery Swap), Sushi (Sushi Swap), Cake (Pancake Swap), Uni (Uniswap), BNB (Binance Coin), XTZ (Tezos), Matic (Polygon), Lite (Litecoin), XLM (Stellar Lumens), and SOL (Solana) to name a few.
Avoid with all the power and strength in you, the shit coins, future trading, leverage trading, synthetics, binary trading, derivatives, and basically anything you don’t understand.
As if the above warning was not useful, please do NOT do any of the following:
  • Use your savings that you have designated for other purposes (like retirement, loan repayment, college fund, car fund, etc.)
  • Take a loan or mortgage your house, etc.
  • Sell something of value, that is near and dear to you, to invest in crypto.
The crypto bull run is not going anywhere. It will revisit us, for years to come. Learn the basics of crypto. Invest in the long term (think 3-to-5-to-7 years time).
And as with anything (as my loving uncle says), when in doubt, check it out.
If it is too good to be true. It probably is.
Happy and Safe Investing!
Youtube: The Voice
A short film, that is humorous in nature. 8 minutes, very well done. A cowboy walks into a saloon and then this ‘background’ noise starts the mayhem. Hilarious!
The Gunfighter | A Short Film by Eric Kissack (narrated by Nick Offerman)
The Gunfighter | A Short Film by Eric Kissack (narrated by Nick Offerman)
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