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Sanctum (by Faisal Khan) - Issue #11

Digital Sanctum
Dear Readers:
I hope everyone is faring well. No, you did not miss out on any previous issue. I just didn’t publish anything for the last couple of weeks. I’ll be more regular on this now.
This week I want to talk about stagnation in your life. When things are not going your way, then how do you deal with it?
Can you really alter the course of what life is throwing at you?
tl;dr: sure you can.
Enjoy the read.
Love, laughter,

The life we know is governed by the choices we make.
It is literally that simple.
The younger and inexperienced you are, the results are usually poor choices. The older and wiser your get, your choices are much better. And, as with life, now and then, luck plays an important part in the choices you make.
Think about it. Every time, something in life that has happened to you results from a choice you made and the series of choices you made in the past.
You might really not understand this concept until perhaps you look at it visually. See below:
Life Paths
Life Paths
You really cannot go back in the past and try to fix mistakes you made, but you can make better choices going forward.
Is success luck or hard work? Most will tell you, it is a lot of hard work. The reality is, luck plays a huge role, whether you admit to it or not.
If you are born on the wrong side of the town, or the wrong side of the globe, or even the wrong month, you had no role in that. But societal biases due to various factors will determine your most likely outcome. Only your persistence, resilience, and determination to change your fate, will let you hop out of this pond to another one (so to speak).
Dr. Derek Muller from Veratasium did a great video on this, on much much does luck plays a role in your success.
Is Success Luck or Hard Work?
Is Success Luck or Hard Work?
When life around you stagnates, meaning, things are not improving, despite your best efforts, something needs to change.
In the Islamic religion, ablution is a prerequisite for prayers. However, ablution is not allowed with stagnant water? I always found that strange. Why would washing from stagnant water not be allowed? The answer is simple. It smells, and believe me when I tell you it smells bad!!!!
Stagnant water gives time for bacterial growth to foster and multiply, hence, the water is not safe for drinking, washing, bathing, etc.
Only flowing water is the answer. Stagnation in life carries the same principle. Despite your best intentions, the environment around you smells (loosely speaking). Your best bet is to move into an environment that is flowing.
In plain speak. Move!
Move to a different job. Move houses. Move neighborhood. Move to a new city. Move to a new country. Whatever you can muster, just move.
We get so emotionally drained at the thought of moving, that we don’t. We find it a challenge. We ask so many ‘what-if’ questions, we become our own worst enemy. I can universally guarantee you, that whatever stagnation in life you are facing, would go away.
The answers and routes to improving your life are pretty simple. The problem is, we convince ourselves that it is too much of an effort and start giving excuses to ourselves, which prevents us from breaking the mold.
You are your own worst enemy. Don’t let that happen.
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Faisal Khan
Faisal Khan @babushka99

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