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Digital Sanctum Newsletter - Issue #4

Digital Sanctum
Dear Reader,
Thank you for the messages. You will be happy to know I have created a Telegram channel. It is called, Digital Sanctum (but of course). Feel free to join and converse with me directly. In addition to this, I do keep posting a few snippets here and there on my Instagram, feel free to add me up there.
I encourage you to promote this newsletter to your friends and family if you will they will benefit from it.
Thank you for your love and keep safe.

If you are a freelancer or a small business outside the United States and wish you had a US bank account so that you could get payments easily from your customers. Well, here is a solution you might want to consider. Today, if you incorporate a company in the United States, you can get a bank account easily. Doesn’t matter if you are a foreigner and you don’t live in the US. Doesn’t matter if you do not have a social security number (you would need an ITIN, Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, used as an alternative to SSN. You might want to check out Jumpstart Filings. Not only will they register your company (single person? 2-3 partners? go for an LLC. More upsized structure, go for an Inc.)
Jumpstart helps you file your U.S. company, EIN, and bank account.
Jumpstart helps you file your U.S. company, EIN, and bank account.
But here is the cool part. In association with Mercury Bank, Jumpstart Filing will also open your company bank account. Yes, a proper, bona fide US bank account, that you can control from outside the US. You will even get a debit card. Once you have this, you can apply for example a Stripe account or even a PayPal account.
Next Week: How to get a US address with letter/parcel forwarding, telephone number (landline and mobile), and a Business WhatsApp account.
Here is a relatively cheap business idea to execute. Many people do not know that posts on #Instagram are essentially not copyrighted. Meaning, as they can be shared, etc. the exclusivity and ownership of the posts on Instagram are no longer with the author. They essentially give permission for the posts to be shared.
With a little ingenuity, like magnetic printing paper and an ink-well color printer, you can start a small business selling small curated magnetic pieces of photographic art.
Google for Printable Magnet Sheets or Magnetic Photo Paper. This is what you essentially need and a high-resolution ink tank printer (Epson makes the best). Now you can look for hast tags like #paris #france #rollerblade #sky #river #sunset #quotes, etc, and print the ones you like and sell them.
Next Week: How you can turn your events into an Instagram hashtag photography opportunity.
DCA - Dollar Cost Averaging
DCA - Dollar Cost Averaging
Face it, when it comes to trading & investing, we know very little. The very limited knowledge we have of trading and investing is what keeps our wealth just that, limited. Our DNA has been programmed to buy low and sell high. Always trying to time the market and then losing out. We refuse to think we are any less superior when it comes to investing or we believe luck has played its role in a negative way in everything we have done. 
The truth of the matter is, the ‘tools’ that we know on how to trade as so severely limited, it is literally like only knowing the “+” (addition) sign in mathematics and nothing else, till later when you learn about minus, multiple and divide. The world changes. The outcome changes. 
When buying sharing or doing trading on any sort of a market where prices fluctuate, there can be nothing more fundamental than learning what DCA is - or Dollar Cost Averaging. Simply put, DCA is spacing your buying practice at regularly timed intervals and averaging out in the long term. Rather than trying to time the market by buying low and selling high, which is difficult to do on a sustained basis, as you have no idea how and where the market will move. The next best thing you can do is to DCA your investments. Anyone and I mean anyone starting out with investing, should spend time learning what dollar-cost averaging is and how beneficial it can be to your investing strategy. If you don’t practice DCA, it is literally like being blind and trying to buy shares/stock/commodity/currency, etc.
Don’t be that person.
Here are a few great resources to learn from:
Next Week: The power of compound interest.
The Valhalla Murders
The Valhalla Murders
It is no hidden secret that I am a fan of single-season TV series. Very rarely do I watch and stick with TV series that are a few seasons (the exception was Sherlock - the American Version) and Chicago PD. Anyhow, I recently came across a single season of the Netflix series called: The Valhalla Murders.
Boy was it good. It’s dark, I’ll give you that, and astonishingly true in showing the f**ked-up side of the Scandinavians (trust me, the northern neighbors are quite messed up).
Anyhow, this show is an Icelandic show. Not too different from the others, just an insane amount of snow. It is about a series of murders that are happening and they go way back in the past, 25 years in the past. Eight episodes, worth your time.
We’ve all seen the world map. North & South America to the left, Europe Africa in the middle, and Asia and Australia on the right. Ever wondered what the world map looks like to a fish?
Map of the planet if you're a fish.
Map of the planet if you're a fish.
In 1990, a person is 15 years old. In 1995, that very same person is now 10 years old. How can this be? 
Answer at the end of this newsletter
3 Quotes that changed my life.
3 Quotes that changed my life.
It is almost an effort in futility trying to ell people, I changed my life around because of three quotes. Yes, you read that right. Words can have a very transformational effect on one’s life. They certainly did with me. I made a short Instagram IGTV (4 minutes) reel out of it. I recite the three quotes, their meaning, and their importance to me, and I do this in English and Urdu (my native language).
You can click on the picture above or click here to view it.
Sometimes the simplicity of lines is mesmerizing. Artist unknown. As seen on Reddit.
Zebra in Black and White Lines: Artist Unknown
Zebra in Black and White Lines: Artist Unknown
Answer to the puzzle:
The person was born in 2005 B.C., we count backward. 
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