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Digital Sanctum - Issue #2

Digital Sanctum
Dear Reader,
This newsletter has been on my mind for over 30 years.
I knew the right time to publish it would arrive one day. Now is that time.
As this is my first attempt, I implore you to stick around for at least 5-6 issues. After that, if you don’t find meaning in the newsletter, feel free to unsubscribe. I am 100% open to suggestions and feedback. Simply reply to this email and I will get your mail.
Thank you. I hope this will be an amazing journey together.
Stay safe.

The World's Best Short Films | Omeleto
The World's Best Short Films | Omeleto
There is nothing more beautiful than indie (independent) movie makers. Sure, we can watch movies in the cinema (when they open up) or Netflix, but to be honest, good entertainment is far and few this day. This is where indie moviemakers come in. Here is another secret: short movies rock! Short films are usually between 10-25 minutes with a very focused storyline. 
If you are feeling bored and want to watch something nice for a change, fire up YouTube and check out Omletto. Probably one of the best short-films repositories out there. 
With the price of Bitcoin breaking US$ 60,000 for the first time ever, more eyeballs are now on crypto. A lot of folks are starting with cryptocurrencies for the very first time, despite hearing of it for the last 5-10 years. So, how do you get started? How can you understand the complete ecosystem without getting scammed or wasting your time?
I can recommend the following five resources to learn about cryptocurrency:
  • Binance Academy: Crypto & Blockchain Education - probably one of the best resources to learn about cryptocurrency, blockchain, trading, and other DeFi (decentralized finance) products. Written in plain English and very well explained. From beginners to experts, almost everyone reads Binance Academy.
  • Andreas M. Antonopoulos: The Crypto OG and advocate of Bitcoin. His YouTube Video channel is a must-watch. Andreas has been going to conferences and town hall meetings since the very early days, explaining to all those who bothered to attend, the complexities of our financial system and how bitcoin (amongst other crypto-related technologies) is the savior. All this in plain English for you and I to understand.
  • Coin Bureau: Guy, the crypto guy who runs Coin Bureau YouTube Video Channel is one of the sanest voices in the crypto space, explaining the complexities of various crypto businesses. Whilst there is a lot of reference to trading crypto, I would suggest you skip it. Don’t dabble in what you don’t know. Scroll back to his earlier videos to get a solid understand of the crypto universe. His education archive is also a great read and you might even want to subscribe to his Coin Bureau newsletter.
  • Decrypt: The World of Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies made simple. Whilst Decrypt itself is a great online publication for all things blockchain and cryptocurrencies, their Learn section is worth a read-through. Great articles, not as good as say Binance Academy, but nevertheless they make my list of learning resources.
  • Coindesk: The premier publication in the world and the go-to place for all news/articles cryptocurrency. Their Learn section is worth a visit. Especially their 101 Guides. Go to Coindesk and click on Learn on the top menu to access their learning series on Guides, Assets, Companies, and People.
Before we discuss how to buy cryptocurrency, it is extremely imperative for you to understand the necessity of having a wallet.
The four wallets that I use and can recommend for those starting out are:
Two points I cannot stress enough:
  1. Each wallet comes with what is known as a Recovery Key which is usually an exact sequence of words (usually 12 or 24 words). This is your key. NEVER EVER share this key with anyone. Like never. If anyone else gets possession of the exact sequence of words, the contents of your wallet can be stolen. Irreversibly.
  2. If you ever lose your phone (where your wallet resides, but not your money, the money is always on the blockchain) the only way to recover your money is through the recovery key. Lose the recovery key, you lose your money forever. There is literally no one in the world who can retrieve a recovery key for you. Make sure you make copies of your recovery key and place it in a safe place.
Hottest jobs in demand worldwide
Hottest jobs in demand worldwide
Looking to boost your career or perhaps you are just entering the workforce and still can’t decide what to do? Today, most graduates in the developing world struggle to find a job that pays well, provides independence, and has a worldwide demand. Most graduates just end up settling for a monotonous paycheck.
If you understand “Logic” and think from the left side of your brain, you may seriously want to pursue a career in automation. A vast majority of people cannot understand sequential if-then-else statements, hence they will never know the power of automation. From individuals to small businesses, medium businesses to large enterprises, automation is in high demand worldwide.
Automation is also one of these fields that requires no-cording to very little coding. In this day and age, this is referred to as No-Code / Low-Code field.
Here are some companies whose tools and solutions you can learn and grow with. Start with the likes of Zapier, Integromat,, Parabola (these are all automation apps, there are many more) and can integrate with the likes of Google Workspace (particularly Google Sheets and Gmail, forms like Ninja forms, Google Forms, or even Typeform, and then work with the apps like Airtable, and make them work with MailChimp or ConvertKit, mix in and a few CRMs like Pipedrive, Copper or Hubspot, etc.
You would have a very solid chance of earning a VERY good income.
Almost every automation player out there offers an excellent training program, coupled with a community for support, tutorials, and various experts on YouTube who have specialized in these tools.
Motivational Quote
Motivational Quote
Work on the Beach
Work on the Beach
If you are a digital nomad and have been searching for countries that have a more relaxed visa issuance policy, you might want to look towards the Caribbean, especially Barbados which launched the Barbados Welcome Stamp program for digital nomads last year. The special visa is for remote workers who want to work and live in Barbados - or as the official slogan goes Work from Paradise. The 12-month visa is available for individuals for US$ 2,000 and for families for US$ 3,000. You can come and go from the Island as you please during your stay. The official website for the Barbados Welcome Stamp program. Another great read (mind you this is a commercial company and not an official website) is 8 Caribbean Digital Nomad Visa Programs for Remote Workers.
Atomic Habits by James Clear
Atomic Habits by James Clear
Changing a habit or trying to pick up a new one is not easy for most people. Why? Because we each have our own understanding of how to drop a habit and how to pick up a habit. Turns out, there is a simple science behind it. Author James Clear has spent many years researching this and puts it in his book Atomic Habits. If you’re been procrastinating, if you’ve never had the will to do something you love, if you’ve tried but quit mid-way, perhaps you might want to pick up this book and read.
You can listen to the audio version of this book for free (and legally) here: Atomic Habits Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results By James Clear.
The Changing World Order by Ray Dalio
The Changing World Order by Ray Dalio
Our economic world is a complex instrument, yet we spend little time understanding it. For most of our adult lives, we will eat, sleep and work our days away. We understand the eating part, the sleeping part, but the work part - we refuse to spend time in understanding why we work? How does the world’s economic machinery work? Ray Dalio is the founder of Bridgewater Associates one of the most successful American investment management firms. Ray has been very generous in explaining the complexities of our economic engine in plain English. His complete series of articles on The Changing World Order can be read here.
Oh, if you haven’t already checked out his Economic Principles website, you should. Especially his video on How the Economic Machine Works (in 30 minutes).
Bring the image close to your nose, concentrate on the middle of the image, and then slowly place a distance of a few inches between your nose and the image and let the 3D image take shape. What do you see?
3D Image
3D Image
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